H.V.O.F. Plasma & Thermal Sprayed
u Plasma Coatings, Principally the ceramic range.

Uses include textile, printing, steel and man-made fibre processes.

Park Cross will work with you to find the most suitable coating for  your application.
u Arc wire coatings, stainless
     steel, molybdenum and bronzes.

Very often used in the refurbishment of damaged or worn components. Has the advantage over welding of low heat imput, thus reducing the distortion factor.  A wider range of materials can also be employed for specific items.
u H.V.O.F. coatings

Now  recognised for their high bond strength and dense hard-wearing capabilities. Particular uses being piston rods, guides and plungers.  All grades of Tungsten Carbides, Chrome Carbides and Hastalloys can be applied. Let Park Cross technical department advise you.
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