Diamond Grinding & Super Finishing
u    Super finishing capacity up to
          580mm dia x 4250mm long.

u     Diamond grinding
          400mm dia x 2500mm long.

u T.I.R. 0.0002" or better.

u Surface finish below 1 C.L.A. on
          suitable substrates.
Utilise the experience of Park Cross for your roll requirements

1. Manufacture

2. Coatings (carbides, ceramics, chrome)

3. Diamond Grind & Superfinish.

All carried out in-house.  Therefore total control of quality can be maintained.
Hard chromed superfinish to below 1 C.L.A.
Many continuous web processors demand a high degree of surface perfection for accuracy and coating weight.

Park Cross are able to meet this demand on a range of coated surfaces.
Typical Superfinishing operation
Chrome Oxide ceramic coated casting drum.  Superfinished to 1 C.L.A.

Park Cross (Engineering) Limited