Your single source of High Performance
Non-Woven Rolls
The proven alternative where solution control and longer roll life is critical !

Special Fibre High Performance Rolls provide superior squeegee control to prove coating thickness and consistency, reduce chemical/solution carryover, remove existing coatings, etc.

Proven Applications on :

u Oiler rolls                                    u Wringer rolls

u Steering rolls                             u Pinch rolls

u Deflector rolls                           u Transfer rolls

u Acid wringing rolls                   u Tension rolls

u Backup roll wringer/wiper
Park Cross sets the highest standards for Special Fibre Mill roll requirements. 

We are THE source for High performance roll and equipment.

u In-depth application knowledge

u Extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities

u Custom designed roll application equipment
Park Cross (Engineering) Limited
Park Cross (Engineering) Limited is an offically appointed partner in the manufacture and supply of Special Fibre Mill Roll coverings.