Precision Roll Manufacture
Whether it be for a single roll or for a complete line manufacture, Park Cross has a world-wide reputation for the manufature of precision rolls to machine builders and end users.

Passing on to our customers the expertise built up over many years of roll manufacture, safe in the knowledge that quality at the right price is what they will receive.
Thermal sprayed, rubber covered and chrome plated rolls are all undertaken with the professional care you would expect from a bespoke roll manufacturer.
Cereal "crusher" rolls

Single wall or double shell chilling rolls & emboss rolls for a wide range of process industries are catered for.
Up to 1.5mtrs diameter x 5m length with dynamic balancing facilities.
Process Line accumulator roll 1200mm diameter x 1.56mtr face
Rubber Covered Roll - 600mm diameter x 3.5 metre face

Rolling Road 1200mm diameter x 4.5 metre face

Park Cross (Engineering) Limited