Specialists in Roll Refurbishment
& Plant

Roll being ceramic Coated
Roll as received
A processor roll set fully striped down, all rolls ground to a high degree of accuracy and finish, with the bearings annd seals completely renewed. Unit reassembled back to a production condition for immediate use.
Steel cold mill processor roll set

A centrifugal pump casing in phosphor bronze, bored out, thermal sprayed and finish machined in parent metal.  Allowing the unit to be back on line in a fraction of the time and cost compared to the supply of a new item.
Centrifugal pump casing for power
generation station
Before and after of a copper plated, diamond turned and polished roll used in an arduous environment.  The cost savings against new rolls are substantial.
Many rolls manufactured will require at some stage a degree of refurbishment, entailing body or journal repair, utilising a wide range of specialist covers or coatings.

Park Cross prides itself on its ability to undertake full inspecton of your items, producing a detailed inspection and costing report to refurbish the item back to its original condition. Giving you the customer, the facts to allow swift decision making.

Customers want Park Cross to take the worry off their hands. Production demands today are for a speedy, purposeful response.

Roll at Final Inspection
Conductor Roll as received

Reconditioned Roll

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